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5280 Ambassador Black/Silver Medium Fountain Pen

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The 5280 Ambassador series was inspired by the old Waterman LeMan Gentleman's pens.  Admired for it's perfect weight, size and extraordinarily elegant design the 5280 Ambassador seeks to re-capture this manufacturing marvel.  

The cap features a satisfying and secure snap-on closure while the brass barrel is coated with a very thick and rich lacquer.  Each 5280 Ambassador pen carries the 5280 logo on the emblem that adorns the top of the cap and is packaged in a very high-quality gift box.  

The 5280 Ambassador pens are the very definition of bang-for-the-buck.  Just pick one up and you will be amazed that we have packed so much quality in such a small package!

The fountain pen features a medium steel nib and comes with a free ink converter.  

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