Lamy Swift Nickel Silver Retractable Roller Ball Pen (L330)

Lamy Swift Nickel Silver Retractable Roller Ball Pen (L330)

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LAMY Swift – Prominent form.

Re-discover the joy of writing with ink with the LAMY swift. This capless rollerball pen with retractable clip enables extraordinary smooth and precise penmanship.

Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

The LAMY swift is an elegant example of the Lamy philosophy that each new product should be a response to a customer need as well as the result of innovative writing technology: It writes with a wonderful and precise flow with ball and ink, but unlike a fountain pen, does not need a protective cap! As you extend the tip of its large capacity refill, the sprung clip retracts into the pen body. And when you operate the push button again after writing, the refill retracts and the clip moves out again ready for use.

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