Sherpa Pen Ballpoint Adapter for Use with Parker-style pen refills
Disassembled Sherpa Pen Ballpoint Adapter with Schmidt P900 Refill inside
Sherpa Ballpoint Adapter for Classic/Special Edition freeshipping - Sherpa Pen
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Sherpa Pen Ballpoint Adapter for Classic/Special Edition

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The Sherpa Ballpoint Adapter is the perfect solution for anyone who prefers writing with a ballpoint refill (we're looking at you, lefties).  Designed specifically to accommodate "Parker-style" ballpoint refills, this adapter will add 100's of new refill options on to your Sherpa pen.  Just unscrew your old grip section and replace it with the Sherpa Ballpoint Adapter grip.  

Each Ballpoint Adapter comes preloaded with a black Schmidt P900 refill along with additional springs.  

Compatible Refills:

- All Parker-style ballpoint/gel refills

- Fisher Space Pen Ballpoint refills w/Parker Adapter

*Please note, this adapter may not fit Sherpa models manufactured BEFORE 2010. If you think your Sherpa was manufactured before 2010 please contact us at to confirm compatibility or for other options.  

Sherpa Ballpoint Adapter Compatible Refills






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