Sherpa Classic Windows frosted Blue and Copper Accents Sharpie, roller ball, ballpoint and fountain pen cover.  Art Deco/Art Nouveau Artistic Window Pattern Pen
Sherpa Classic Windows Copper Accents Sharpie, roller ball, ballpoint, fountain pen cover.  Art Deco/Nouveau window design
Sherpa Classic Windows Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover freeshipping - Sherpa Pen
Sherpa Classic Windows Frosted Blue Sherpa, roller ball, ballpoint, fountain pen cover
Sherpa Classic Windows Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover freeshipping - Sherpa Pen
Sherpa Classic Windows Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover freeshipping - Sherpa Pen
Sherpa Pen

Sherpa Pen Classic Window Panes Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover

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Is it just me, or are windows today kinda boring?  I mean, no offense to my friends in the windows business, but unless you're into double-panes and argon gas fill, they are basically just a bunch of squares and rectangles.  

Whatever happened to the great windows of yesteryear?  You know, the ones that  weren't just windows, but were pieces of art?  The ones that took years to create but would continue to inspire for centuries?  Sure, they would let the breeze in like a screen door, but wow, what beauty.  I guess in this case, function won out over form.  

For those of us who yearn for the over-the-top windows from eras gone by, we bring you the Sherpa Classic Windows collection.  Featuring an intertwined, metallic pattern, set atop a solid body, the Sherpa Windows will make you feel like you have an Art Deco (or is it Art Nouveau?) window in your pocket. 

Available in two finishes:

Copper Accents - Metallic copper details , shiny black body, shiny black trim.

Frosted Blue - Metallic silver details, shiny frosted blue body, shiny chrome trim.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 5.69" x 0.59"  
  • Weight: 28g
  • Materials: Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
  • Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan

  • *Includes Fine-Point Sharpie Marker, Medium Sherpa Roller Ball Insert and Black Velvet Pen Sleeve

    To use the Sherpa simply pull off the cap, unscrew the black grip section and place your uncapped disposable pen or marker into the empty barrel of the Sherpa. Once the disposable pen or marker is in place screw the black grip section down over the tip to seal it into the Sherpa shell. It's that easy!

    Sherpa Sharpie Pen Cover How To


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